Students ready for prom, get tickets now

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Prom is coming up May 14, and tickets sales are better than last year, despite a raise in price.

The theme for prom this year  is “Casino Royale” and will be held at the Live! By Loews at 7- 11 p.m. From the end of March through April 6, tickets were only $90, then after that time period tickets became $100. Students are wondering why ticket prices are so high this year, compared to previous years. 

“Inflation has to deal with a lot of why tickets are a bit expensive this year,” art teacher Tricia Turner said. “The venue, meals and beverage set the cost of the tickets and also the number of guests that are going.”

Some seniors have struggled with deciding  on whether or not they will  attend prom due to the price. 

“This year’s prom isn’t giving, because it’s casino themed,  I was expecting it to be more extravagant,” senior Lauren Carrillo said. “Also, it’s a waste of time and money, if it was extravagant I still wouldn’t go because it’s expensive.” 

Many students are going and have begun making preparations for their night with high hopes of fun.  

“I feel like it’s going to be great, just meeting others while dancing, and plus this is going to be the first and last prom of my high school life,” senior Linda Trejo said. “The ticket prices are expensive, but it’s worth buying.”

Besides the prices of the tickets, students also have to pay for their preparations, which include dresses, tuxedos, hair and nails, heels and dress shoes, jewelry and lots of other things.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, and the things we have to do to prepare for it seems like a lot and I’m just going all out,” senior Bea Soncina said. “I thought the prices of the tickets were expensive, with the ticket price and the cost of preparation I will be spending about $500.” 

Late ticket sales will be between April 28 and May 4. For those planning to attend prom can still purchase regular priced tickets now, both online or in person after school in Room 124 with cash or money order with state ID.

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