No pass, no Go Center

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Go Center has set new rules for students… no pass, no entry. 

Some students have been skipping classes to go hang out in the Go Center, and others say they are going to the Go Center, but instead they leave campus. 

“I’m the one who made the rules, I feel positive about them.It was just really necessary,” college career adviser Victoria Post said.

Several teachers were not pleased with  students leaving in the middle of class for the Go Center because they were missing out on assignments. This led students to fail classes. 

“It was hard for me to keep track of everyone when I don’t have access to TEAMS, Canvas, etc,” Post said. That is why I created the new rules, because I have gotten complaints from teachers about their students.” 

This issue has become so problematic that Post had to make stricter rules for the students and when/how they are allowed into the Go Center. 

The new rules were sent to teachers in an email. No pass means they cannot be in the Go Center. The pass HAS to be from their teacher  students cannot stop by my room during the day for passes, it has been too out of control. If they want a pass from me, they have to come before the school day starts. That is the only time I will be writing passes. I’ll send passes throughout the day, but they will all have been written in the morning (these passes are for students who I haven’t met with yet, not done FAFSA/TASFA, etc.)”

“The new rules didn’t necessarily affect me, because I don’t come here to skip like a lot of people ,” senior Kinnidi Long said. “But, I understand her new adjustments, because this is her place of working, her career and people coming in here to  skip classes can get her in trouble.” 

Post had to put an end to the issue to make her Go Center a skipping-free  environment. 

“I feel like for the students, it allows us to have more access to Miss Post, because not as many people are in here distracting her from the students that actually need help,” Long said.

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