Donating Blood Saves Lives

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Participate in a life saving opportunity by donating blood at your next blood drive event. 

Students can help save lives by donating blood. Blood donations are very important because the blood people donate could be used in hospitals and will assist patients in their recovery process. In addition, the donations could also be utilized to help burn victims, heart surgeries, and even organ transplant patients. 

It’s a 45 minute process to donate blood – you simply complete a questionnaire and go through a screening process to determine if you’re healthy or not. For example, if a person has an iron deficiency or medical condition that can affect their blood supply, they probably would not be an ideal candidate to donate. 

If someone is deemed a candidate to donate, they can start the process of donating by signing up at a local blood drive which is usually held at schools or clinics. 

Students should donate blood to help those in need in case of an emergency. For instance, If a loved one were to get in a critical accident or face a life threatening situation, a donor’s blood can save their life just by having the same blood type. 

Since there is a low blood supply, donating blood could help many people get the blood that is needed for their medical condition. Therefore, it is encouraged to donate blood when the chance arises because of the high demand and need for assistance to those who need it.

Not only is a blood drive helping those in need but the donor is able to get a treat prior to their donation and in some cases, students can get credit by receiving a graduation cord if they donate twice at a school sponsored blood drive.  

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