Counting on Mr. Thrasher

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From serving in the marines to serving in the classroom, Carlos Thrasher has been a great example of an outstanding teacher, despite being apart of our staff for only five years.  Not only has he excelled with his students academically in the classroom, but he has achieved many victories with his accounting team during competitions. Winning the Teacher of the Year award is not the only accolade displayed upon Mr.Thrasher, he has also received the AISD Teacher of the Year, which acknowledges him as a great teacher as well as a dignified leader.

“From the marines, I learned how to be a leader, and also how motivate and understand where the students are coming from,” Thrasher said. “The most difficult part of transitioning into a teacher from the marines was learning how to be more patient with students”.

Although serving in the marines was a great experience and exciting time in Mr.Thrasher’s life, teaching his favorite subject accounting allows him to interact with his students and encourage them to pursue accounting ,which is very special to him. Mr. Thrasher and his accounting team has developed themselves into a champion team. For the last 5 years, Carlos Thrasher has led the accounting team to compete in the UIL accounting competition, coaching them along the way. They have won 5 District UIL competitions in a row, and and even advanced to state this year for the first time in Lamar history. This year has been the accounting team’s first year of making finals and it is all thanks to the hard work and dedication of the team, and being led to victory by Mr. Thrasher.

“Mr.Thrasher is very inspirational, honest, and motivational,” Alvina Hernandez said. “Whenever I feel like giving up, he never lets me.”

Receiving the Teacher of the Year, and the AISD Teacher of the Year award has done nothing but sway a humbling effect on Mr. Thrasher. He is convinced that his students and his team is the reason for his academic teaching success. Learning how to communicate, and build a stable trusting foundation with the students has resulted in respect for Mr. Thrasher and has also allowed him to take his team to district from the moment he began his first year at Lamar High School. Mr. Thrasher hopes to uphold the high standards and traditions set by those who won this honor before him, and use this to continue to encourage his students to strive for greatness.









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