Thor Corp Arrives for New Season

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The group of seniors known as Thor Corp are our Vikings school pride and spirit. Thor Corp preforms at every pep rally and most athletic events to encourage the student section to express their love for Lamar.

Thor and active memeber in STUCO, Joey Velasco plays on our men’s varsity soccer team and cross counrty team. Joey looks to find ways to bring spirit in every extracurricular activity and organization he participates in.

“Thor corp, as a group and individually love to make the stands go crazy. Knowing we are the reason for all the excitement in the stands is the whole reason why we do this; to see people happy and loving high school” said Senior Joey Velasco.

Thor Corp is actively finding ways to improve their group and leavy a legacy. Their goal is to make new changes and adjustments to the yearly traditions to bring a more positive environment to the school.

“We plan on making videos to share around the school to show our hard work and dedication to Viking nation. By making social media accounts for Thor Corp we are able to show behind the scenes and photos of us in action to let everyone know who we are” said member of Thor Corp and Senior Sam Wilbert.

This years Thor Corp has been active in encouraging ladies to be apart of the group compared to many other past years.

“Usually girls never participate or even bother to go to tryouts, but now that things have changed we are excited to be the mark of these changes” said senior Katy Marten

All Thor Corp members are encouraging a new dynamic to this group. To begin the start off of next year and keep new legacies and traditions starting with this years group of seniors.




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