Trick-or-treating does not have an age limit

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Trick-or-treating has always been an enjoyable activity for many of us to participate in as kids and that doesn’t mean that the fun should stop there. 

As Halloween comes and goes every year, us older kids wonder if we’re too old to trick or treat. As a junior in high school, I’m here to prove that trick-or-treating has no age limit. 

As a kid, Halloween was always a fun excuse to get free candy from strangers and have it be perfectly fine for one day of the year. I remember as a kid not really caring for the costume, but for how I was going to be stuffing my face later on that night. 

Now that I’ve gotten older, many Halloween activities are at my display. I could go to a party, throw a party, or attend a haunted house, but nothing ever seems to beat the traditional trick-or-treating. 

I’ve noticed that more recently, I actually enjoy picking a costume and choosing how to express myself creatively just for one night. Though, because I am a teenager, trick-or- treating around children, I try to keep the costume age appropriate. For example, this year I was an angel. 

Trick or treating is more enjoyable with my friends. We all rush to each doorstep seeing who can get the biggest candy bars or the most chocolate before it’s all gone. I tend to feel like a little kid again because of the excitement it brings. 

Another pro to being a little older and still trick or treating is that I can effectively ration candy out for weeks. Which comes in handy when I’m craving something sweet. 

If you haven’t gone trick-or-treating in the past years, I hope that my experiences influence you to go next year. We all deserve the excitement of trick-or-treating no matter the age.

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