2019-2020 Schedules Under Way

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Juniors and Sophomores in the next two coming weeks should expect visits from counselors in order to figure their schedule for the 2019-2020 school year.  

For students returning from the long winter break, they’d hope for a steady reintroduction to regain their footing – however as many students have come to know, you have to hit the ground running.  

Next year’s schedule is already in preparation, and children should be figuring just exactly what classes they want for their following years. 

“We’re figuring the schedules early this year so that we can align with the district in terms of staffing,” Said Counselor Dorian Jensen. “Because say we had one hundred students sign up for psychology, then we’d be ready to staff that class, and if there’s less interest in another class that may be an issue that Lamar has to deal with in terms of where we’re going to shuffle teachers.”  

Yet for those that don’t know of the possibilities – there’s certainly quite a few.  

“Look over your choices, definitely come see your counselor if you’re unsure,” said Jensen. “We can offer them a course selection sheet and go over the options that are available for them to find which ones pique their interest.”  

In general, for every student there’s a required 26 credits needed in order to graduate – those being: 

  • Four credits of English  
  • Four credits of Math 
  • Four Credits of Science 
  • Three credits of Social Studies  
  • Two credits of the same foreign language 
  • One credit of PE 
  • One credit of Fine Arts 
  • Seven Credits of Electives that help set an endorsement 

Alongside that, there’s specialty classes off campus that may require an application such as:  

  • Workforce Dual Credit Courses 
  • Classes taught by TCC professors and earn college credit 
  • Firefighter I 
  • Emergency Medical Technician  
  • AISD Police Academy 
  • Cosmetology 
  • Ready, Set, Teach!  
  • Health Science/Biomedical  
  • STEM 
  • Human Services 
  • Business 
  • Marketing 
  • Manufacturing 
  •  Transportation 
  • Construction  
  • Hospitality 
  • Culinary Arts 
  • Photography and Art 
  • A/V Technology 
  • Computer Technician 
  • Agriculture 
  • Vet Assistance 
  • Floral Design 
  • Musical Instrument Repair 

So, to say the least, there’s not exactly a shortage of choices.  

In addition, there’s also Academic Dual Credit classes that require an application to TCC alongside an exam. While this may seem a bit much, students who do manage to be accepted into the classes would be at a reduced price, have no effect on GPA, and earn college credit from the classes.  

For any of those interested, the deadline for applications is January 31st. 

The offered classes are: 

  • Accounting Assistant 
  • Architectural CAD Operator 
  • Automotive Engine 
  • Business 
  • CAD – Building Technology 
  • CISCO (Software and Networking) 
  • CNC Machinist Technology 
  • Computer Maintenace 
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice 
  • Culinary Arts I 
  • Digital Media Production Skills 
  • Game and Simulation Programming 
  • Graphic Communication 
  • HVAC Technician I 
  • Welding 

For upcoming juniors searching for more of a challenge as well, the IB course classes may be just for you. 

“My IB English class is very hands on and interesting,” Said Junior Tara Keeiva. “It’s my favorite class this school year.”  

The IB classes are a two-year curriculum heavily centering around projects and public service. Through this course, students also have the opportunity to earn college credit. For any student preparing to enter their junior year, Ms. Hitt in room 285 is open to discussion. 

But alongside that, there’s plenty of other choices as well! It’s all just a matter of going and finding that out.  

For some students, this all may seem a bit overwhelming but that’s exactly what the counselors are here for. You just need to stop by and ask.  

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