Varsity Boys Soccer kicks off the season

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As soccer season inches closer, the varsity boys continue to train insane and push themselves to have a strong season. As the boys train for districts, their bond grows more and more everyday. Being able to anticipate each others play, and work together as a unit makes these boys unstoppable.

“This year our teamwork looks good, our chemistry is better than it has ever been,” said senior Alejandro Garcia.

While the team is seen as a threat to other schools, they continue to improve from last year and prepare to face their rivals in districts.

“As of right now our biggest competition is Sam Houston,” said senior Austin Sparks. “They’re always the best team that we play against.”

Though the team, like all others, faces struggles, they take steps to improve more everyday to reach their goal and make it to playoffs. 

“Our strong suits are our offense” said senior Mason Norris “Earlier this year our weakness was defense but we have definitely figured stuff out and have improved.”




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