Senior Reflects on Wrestling Journey

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One of the most accomplished teams is our girls wrestling team here at Lamar. 

Kaylynn Lairson has led the team since her freshman year. Now, in her senior year she is looking to get her fourth straight district title.

“I wrestle because I love being in the best shape,” Lairson says. “I love the mental toughness of pushing myself farther than I think I can go. And I love winning after all the hard work.”

Wrestling is one of the most physically punishing sports without a doubt, but the mental side of the sport is usually what separates the good from the great.

“It just takes heart, if you want to wrestle you will wrestle, if you want to push yourself then you will push yourself. You will accomplish great things, all you need is heart,” Lairson adds. 

While wrestling is both hard and demanding, it is still one of the easier sports to transition into – as there are several combat sports that derive from wrestling. Just about every combat sport includes a degree of wrestling in the fight style, such as Mixed Martial Arts and jujitsu.

“I’ve wrestled for six years, however, I genuinely believe the five years of jujitsu before I began to wrestle made me the wrestler I am today,” Lairson says.

Wrestling is a sport in which competitors are evaluated based on their weight class. This makes it fair and gives people of different sizes and skill levels the opportunity to compete. “I encourage everyone to wrestle, no matter weight or size,” Lairson encourages. “I believe wrestling builds confidence within people.”

The girls wrestling team is looking to three-peat as district champs. Lairson is hoping to top her junior year, when she placed fifth in state. Senior year is off to a promising start. 

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