Valhalla Yearbook Plans for Huge 2024 Reveal

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The Lamar yearbook staff plans a major reveal for the 2023-24 school year. 

Over the past few months of school there has been a dedicated staff gathering great memories to incorporate into the yearbook. All the countless hours that the yearbook staff has dedicated will soon be placed in our hands. 

The Valhalla Staff has many new faces and they are excited to show students all the beautiful memories they have captured at sporting events, dances, and even pep rallies.  

“We have new photographers this year, so I’m excited to see all the photos that have been captured,” returning yearbook staff member Journey Bortzfield said. 

Lamar students will be able to cherish every moment by flipping through the pages to recall the moments in time which are and will forever be considered priceless memories.

There’s so much excitement in waiting for the yearbook reveal – it’s definitely something to look forward to. The anticipation of waiting is like when parents would tell their kids that they had a surprise and the kids just couldn’t hold their excitement of wanting to know at that very moment what the surprise was but they had to wait. That’s the same exact feeling that is in the air to know what the yearbook will look like and who will be featured in those pages. 

The reveal will happen after Spring Break. Only the yearbook staff knows what all the book will include, but the entire campus is excited. 

“I’m very excited for the reveal, we’ve been working so hard every single day,” Senior Aaron Ramos said.

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