Principal Maroney Encourages Vikings to “Prove Them Wrong”

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To be a principal means to wear several hats and to lead many different personalities.

For Lesley Maroney, this challenge is a welcomed one. 

Originally from Arkansas, Maroney knew early on that she wanted to have a career in education. After graduating from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Elementary Education, she moved to the Dallas area to pursue better opportunities than she believed she would receive in Arkansas. 

“When I graduated from college, I made more than my aunt who had been teaching (in Arkansas) for over 20 years,” Maroney said. 

Maroney has established an extensive background in education. She began her career as a third-grade teacher at Fort Worth’s Meadowbrook Elementary, Maroney has also served as a dean, a district reading coordinator, and an assistant principal. After successful experiences in both elementary and middle school, Maroney excitedly accepted her new role at Lamar.

During her time as an educator, Maroney has created many impactful relationships that have inspired her to keep going in the ever-changing world of education. Recently, one of her former students reached out to her in a time of need. Maroney made it a priority to help this particular student redirect both her attention and efforts to secure her diploma.

You’re my last resort,” the student told Maroney.

For many years, Maroney’s career has been her top priority but since meeting her husband of 2.5 years, she has learned what it means to put family first. 

Prove them Wrong has always been a mantra for Maroney. She even has the saying affixed to her mobile cart as a reminder. 

“I think people have perceptions of schools, whether it’s Lamar or any other school and so it’s up to us to show them who we really are,” Maroney said. “In my short period of time here, I’ve discovered that we have some really great students, making some great choices. Our community needs to know.” 

Maroney is excited to share her experiences and wisdom with students.

“Find something that even when it’s hard and tough, you say I want to do this,” Maroney said. “Find that no matter what.”


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