The Vikings kicked off the new season on Friday.

Vikings Put Up a Fight Against Timber Creek

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Image: Aaron Ramos

Friday night, the Vikings fell short against the Timber Creek Falcons 49-7. 

The game started with great energy, thanks in part to a lively “Senior Night” crowd.

Early in the third quarter, freshman Trenton Yancey scored the Vikings’ only touchdown by using the fade ball routine. He went from the one yard line and ran 99 yards to score the impressive touchdown. Yancey made it the length of the field in a matter of seconds.

Junior Robert Duncan was able to complete the Randall Mills Pharmacy Point after the Yancey touchdown.

The Vikings made several attempts to increase their point production throughout the game, however, the Falcons defense proved to be too much.

While a tough loss for the home team, Lamar has plenty to build on for the season.

The Vikings will face Waxahachie this Friday, 7pm at Cravens Field.

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