Dennis Pugh and the Lamar Robotics Club are actively recruiting new members.

Lamar Robotics is Actively Recruiting New Members

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A sometimes overlooked organization at Lamar High School is our Robotics/Engineering program.

Dennis Pugh is Lamar’s proud leader of this exciting program and he is extremely excited for the upcoming competitions starting as early as this Saturday, September 9th.

“We are always looking for more members,” shares Pugh.

Currently, the Principle Engineering class is learning about the six simple machines, while the Intro to Engineering class is working on mastering their engineering handbook. The goal is for students to determine if they’d pursue this career path.

Intro to Engineering is a weighted elective class, so even if students don’t want to get their feet wet in the engineering world – the challenging course can most definitely boost a GPA.

The Robotics Club had a resounding year in 2019 finishing second in state.

To learn more about that state run in 2019 – one can search Dream Builders Lamar Robotics Team on YouTube.

Pugh is a very knowledgeable teacher, who graduated from Purdue University. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering. Much of the success of the Robotics Program was fueled by Pugh’s former engineering students. He is excited to continue this tradition with new students and this lively program is in search of new members.

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