Boy’s Varsity Soccer kicks of season with fresh start

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Lamar High School’s boy’s varsity soccer team began the spring season looking to land a place in the playoffs, and are looking forward to upcoming dates such as Senior Night against South Grand Prairie and Teacher Appreciation Night against Sam Houston.  

“It started a bit rough, especially since we didn’t know who would be playing.  We had our hopes that a lot more people would be joining the team, and some players have already left that could have been helpful,” Alex Contreras, who plays defensive mid, said.  “But I think currently we have shown that we are a great team, the results are just a little off in comparison to what we know we can do.”  

Despite the rough beginning, all team members, as well as head soccer coach, coach Soeun, still believe they played hard, and worked well as a team.  During practices – which take place every day during 4th/10th period and afterschool on Cravens Field – Soeun focused on the team’s trouble spots from their previous games.  Soeun said he looks forward to the opportunity of making playoffs as well as honoring the seniors that play on the varsity team for a final year.  

“We’ve not only gone really far as a team, but as a family,” Frankie, who plays striker, said. “We all get along, and never doubt each other.  I think we are better together than if we were on our own.” 

The two most notable upcoming dates include Teacher Appreciation night, which is played against Sam Houston on March 4, and Senior Night, which is played against South Grand Prairie on March 11. 

Team member Smauel Lee, who is a right mid, mentioned that his pre-game routine includes ice baths where Frankie’s consisted of music.  However, all team members agreed that enough sleep, rest time and a good meal was a consistent way to prepare for a game when they are not actively in practice.  Additionally Souen keeps the team’s morale high by speaking on similarities between life and sports.  

“Life and sports kind of coincide with one another,” Souen said.  “Sometimes when you face failures in sports you also face failures in life, and it’s how we respond to that, that makes us successful.” 

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