College fair sparks student interest

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The Lamar Go Center hosted a college fair  Sept. 29 from 2:30-4:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.

The Go Center helps students with applying to colleges, understanding how to fill out FAFSA applications, how to earn scholarships, and more. Victoria Post runs the Go Center at Lamar and was in charge of the college fair.

“I think the fair went quite well, I got pretty good feedback from students…,” said college and career advisor Victoria Post. “Some schools showed up that did not sign up, so that was a surprise, but the more the merrier.”

Texas A&M, Southern Methodist University, Tarrant County College, and 24 more colleges showed up to the college fair. More than 200 students attended, along with teachers and other staff. Students were able to ask questions, receive information about what the schools had to offer, and collect sticks or flyers from the schools.

“There was a lot of enthusiasm. I saw a lot of kids going around asking questions…,” said business teacher Carlos Thrasher. “I think the fair accomplished the objective it was set out to do.”

Teachers were impressed with how many students showed up to the fair. Students said they found the fair helpful and informative. Some teachers took their students to the event themselves during the class period. Post said the event took her two weeks to prepare. She had to  contact different college administrators, make sure the space was reserved and get everything set up the day before.

“I really enjoyed the college fair,” senior Keith Williams said. “I felt as if it gave me the opportunity to explore my options and give me better ideas of what all the colleges were about and what they were looking for.” 

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