End of Star Wars Trilogy Brings Controversey

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Recently, Star Wars fans have been in an outrage over controversial issues surrounding the movie. From the deleted scene of a gay couple to John Boyega’s social media comments to the plunging box office sales, fans- young and old- have been in an uproar.

In Singapore and Dubai, the scene in which a gay couple shares a kiss was censored in every theatre there. Singaporean authorities stated that they cut out the scene because they wanted the movie to have a PG-13 rating. However, the kiss is not censored in America and China.

“I understand why they censored the scene, because there’s little kids watching,” sophomore Maalik Cook said, “but I think they should have still found a way to put it in the movie.”

Recently, actor John Boyega, the man who played Finn in the entire Star Wars trilogy, responded to a fan’s comment about Rey and Finn’s potential relationship on Instagram by making an out of pocket joke about it. Fans started attacking him on Instagram and Twitter, calling him disgusting and a misogynist. He responded by saying that the fans are sensitive for reacting this way over a joke and that these are just fictional characters, not real people.

“I don’t like the tweets because he’s putting a bad light on the movie and the cast,”Cook said.  “He is ruining the movie for those who have not seen it.”

When Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker debuted Dec. 19, it was number one in the box office sales for the first four weeks of release. But after those four weeks, it quickly dropped from $177.4 million to $15.2 million. A month later, it dropped to $8.4 million. It currently holds the record for the biggest fifth-weekend drop in the entire Star Wars franchise and the biggest plummet for any movie that has ever made at least $175 million on opening weekend sales, leaving many wondering what could possibly be next for the Star Wars series in the future.

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