Lamar State Ranking, Hopeful for Future Improvement

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The Arlington District received the B-rating from Texas Education Agency on the 15th of August 2019.

Schools performed differently from the As to the Fs.There were 5 A-rated schools, 19 B-rated schools,28 C- rated schools,13 D-rated schools and 4 F- rated schools.The leading school, Arlington Collegiate High School, led with a mean grade of 99 points which was an A.

“I am am not pleased with our current score, but am satisfied that we improved with 9 percentage  point  game from the 17/18 year,” Principal Andy Hagman said.

Lamar High School earned a C of 78 points. It settled alongside the 28 other C rated schools. Nationally, 10,009, and overall, Lamar maintained an overall score of  41.96 out of 100. Lamar being ranked among the C-rated schools with a 78 isn’t considered ideal and implies a need for improvement in the future.

“The accountability system is based on number of factors,the first comes from our EOC exams that we are responsible for that is Algebra 1, Algebra 2,Us History,English 1 and 2,our students performance is what determines our accountability score” Hagman said.

Economically disadvantaged students possibly affected the score. Roughly about 60% of students attending Lamar deal with financial issues on a daily basis.

“We do have a significant number of economic disadvantaged children as of the end of 2018 the percentage was 65% of students who were receiving reduced lunch and so that percentage will increase this year.” Hagman said.

Struggling students tend to keep their issues to themselves leading to a lack of knowledge, their disadvantages could range from transport, food, shelter, money to buy groceries, and many more. Economic disadvantages are problems to many schools not simply Lamar. Many students cannot attend school because of home problems and lack of school materials, thus their grades deteriorate in their class

Competition with other schools also remain another factor that affected Lamar High School. A stiff competition between Lamar, Martin, and Arlington High in academics and sports especially.

“It is more better for us to be compared to Martin High school, Arlington High, and Sam Houston High School so I anticipate that we will go neck to neck with Arlington High School,”

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