Lamar takes flame on Oct. 13

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The morning of Oct. 13, a sudden fire broke out in the boy’s restroom between the gyms. This was caused by a student setting a flame near the toilet paper roll and it spread flames throughout the bathroom.

Once the fire was noticed by another student, it was then reported to assistant principal Brad Davis. Due to the smoke caused by the fire in the restroom, the sprinklers went off and extinguished the fire, which had been burning for one minute in total.

“I wish I could have gotten there just 30 seconds earlier, so I could put out the fire before the sprinklers came on,” Davis said. “The sprinklers caused most of the damage to the restroom and since the fire, we have had to close the restroom down. “

Due to the fire in the restroom and the sprinklers going off, the fire alarm went off, causing everyone to evacuate the school and wait for the fire department to arrive and investigate the fire. Many students were confused about what had happened and many had questions about the safety the school had for the students. Some of the students were happy and enjoyed the time they had out of class. 

“I was hurt mentally but not physically after I found out what had happened,” senior Josue Gutierrez said. “Honestly, we should have had the day off. I don’t think it was safe enough to come back inside.”

Once Lamar was safe for students to come back inside, many of the students could smell the aftermath of the fire and found out what had happened inside the restroom. This caused many reactions.

“Personally I would have let everyone go home, the smell was horrible and I could not stand it,” junior Isaiah Wofford said. 

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