Shooting Threats Posted Towards Lamar Spark Fear

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A threat against the school on Tuesday 10/22/2019 went viral on social media.

The first alleged threat came from an instagram user who posted on her story “whoever in tribe do not go to school Monday sum Ni**as want y’all dead! and i can’t lose my braddas” The instagram story went viral and caught the attention of the Arlington Police Department and the AISD. The threat made most of the students miss school on both day that is Monday and Tuesday.

The school principal, Andy Hagman had to calm down the parents and the students as the investigation continued.

“We are aware of the post on social media that contained rhetoric involving Arlington ISD and Lamar HS,” Said the Arlington Police Department. “Our team has worked throughout the night and determined there was no credibility or validity as of this morning ( 10/22/2019, Tuesday) we have increased our staffing at Lamar today”

Hagman acted quickly and immediately sent a message to the community to assure everyone that Lamar was both aware of the situation and acting on it accordingly.

“Parents i wanted to provide an update to let you know we are aware of the social media post that could be interpreted as a campus threat,” Said Hagman. “The Arlington Police department is also aware and they are actively investigating .”

The second threat was posted a few hours later by an unknown instagram user.

y’all calling Arlington PD on me IDGAF im doing tomorrow be ready rest easy“. The Arlington PD was immediately notified about the follower. The APD  notified Lamar HS.

There was a decrease in students attendance the following day  most classes were half empty

The APD were  active and investigated  “we added addition security and APD on site ,like yesterday ” said the Arlington police department head.

The case was followed and the suspect was arrested

“it was just peer pressure from friends” said the suspect

Regardless of the intentions, it brought an onslaught of fear from students and faculty that soon won’t be forgotten.

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