Play During a Pandemic

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“Ugh football season is over where do I spend my Friday nights at now ?”   The fun thrill excitement isn’t over yet we can still feel those emotions for our winter and spring sports. Those feelings that gets you  on the edge of you seat by watching the intensity of the players, or the anxiety crawling down your spine? Those sports are Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and Track.

“This season has been difficult for everyone because each day is uncertain. We are having to deal with players getting sick or exposed,” said Sunny Soeun, Boys Soccer Head Coach.

As we all know this year hasn’t been the best school, and sports wise, but we all have to stay strong and safe through it all. Speaking of staying safe during this pandemic, I’ve asked our coaches how do they keep themselves and their players safe during practices.

“I found it very difficult to promote team bonding during this pandemic. It has been quite an adjustment from years past. We practice social distancing by wearing our masks when we are not actively in a drill. We also bring our own water and maintain social distance once we are done with practice,” said Jana Hammonds, Girls Soccer Head Coach.

It’s not only hard on the players when it comes to playing a sport during a pandemic it’s hard on the coaches too.

“I feel this season has been challenging on a lot of levels. With COVID-19 we have missed out on several games and we really don’t know from week to week if we will get to play. But overall, I am proud of our guys. They have fought through all the distractions and we are improving every day,” said Terrance Lofton, Boys Basketball Head Coach.
As you can see our coaches have been trying to make it the best season for our players during this weird and uncomfortable year, but in the safest way possible. Go out and support our winter and spring sports! Encourage them and help them fight through this pandemic with your school spirit. VFND!
“This season has been hard, but it’s been hard for everyone. So, we don’t make excuses, we just continue to work hard and try to get better with every opportunity we get,” said Coach Lofton.

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