Arlington Fire Department giving vaccine shot. Photo by Arlington Fire Department.

COVID Vaccines in Arlington

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COVID vaccine distribution began early January. Places like local hospitals, pharmacies, and even the fire department have been administering the vaccines. Vaccination hubs have also been created to help distribute them more efficiently. Many places in and around Arlington are currently out of vaccines, but they have ordered more to supposedly arrive this week.

English 4 teacher, Raylene Scott, was eager to take the vaccine. She was able to take her first shot early on in January, and finally took her second dose on February 2nd.

“I think the vaccine will protect me from getting a bad case of COVID, but I will still of course mask and keep a distance from those I do not know,” Scott said. “Lets just say that I will be comfortable enough to welcome more students in my classroom.”

Senior Razan Shakoor is committed to getting the vaccine when it becomes available to her, although she does not have any underlying health conditions that would pressure her to get it.

“I don’t think it’ll be strong enough to fully prevent people from getting COVID if they aren’t being safe,” Shakoor said.  “Due to that I will most likely continue to wear a mask and socially distance, not only to prevent myself from getting COVID, but to prevent spreading COVID to other people as well.”

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