The Riot in the Capital

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Last week on Wednesday, January 6, the capital was breached by Pro-Trump supporters while the Senators were counting the elector colleges votes to confirm that Joe Biden will be our next president. It all started during a rally that President Trump held to say that the election was rigged and told his supports that “we’re gonna march towards the capital and I’ll be there with you.” in which after the rally ended supports marched to the capital and Trump didn’t join them.

After the speech at 1:03 PM, supporters breached the first barricade moving towards the Capital in great numbers of strength. The police slowly gave up more and more space towards the supports and the doors of the Capital. While all of this was happening the Senators are clarifying the counts not knowing what’s happening outside their doors. As much time spent clashing the police and supports spraying each other with pepper spray, at 2:11 PM the Trump supports rushed in to the door and windows breaking inside forcing the Senators to hold their counting and hide inside the building.

The rioters inside fought inside with police and some were looking for senators especially Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Representatives Nancy Pelosi as they called them traitors. Most of the rioters had gear had tactical gear to hold multiple hostages but lucky they never found them.

It was till 5:40 PM when the National Guard finally came to stop the violence at the capital, with most of the rioters ruined people’s office inside the building, and stealing some stuff that is in the capital. But at the end of the day 5 people died during this riot one of them a Capital Officer. The question by a lot of people was what if all of this was a Black Lives Matter protest, which everyone knows how they were all treated by police even when no violence was made.

As of now President Trump is the first president in the history of the United States to being impeached for the second time, and the second time in history that the Capital was breached, last time was in the War of 1812 by the British.

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