Project Celebration 2021

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Once again, COVID put a halt to another senior event. Questioning if Lamar would even have a prom, the PTA was forced to hold off planning for this year’s Project Celebration. Once the district passed the prom, the PTA jumped into brainstorming and planning for the event.

Parents shared different opinions they heard from their own students. Some students believe that venues like Alley Cats and Itz are too childish. Others expressed that they preferred chances to win big prizes rather than small prizes that seniors won in previous years. Considering the students’ input, the PTA had to decide quickly on what they would do for this year’s Project Celebration.

The PTA was left to decide if they would use their budget to throw an after party at a venue or give away prizes to the seniors. After a vote from the parents, they concluded that prizes would be passed out instead of hosting a party. However, a message from the district stated that with the new donations that they gathered, they were required to put their funds towards a venued party.

After this, they rushed to get everything in order, settling down with a venue, deciding on food options, decorations, and safety precautions. Lots of time, effort, and generous donations have gone into putting together this after party. Lamar’s PTA is excited for their students to enjoy one of the last events of their senior year and would love to have a good turnout.

Project Celebration is being held at Alley Cats. They are including a place with poker tables, bowling, arcade games, and food throughout the night. Tickets are $25 each, and the doors open at midnight, but be sure to come before 1:00 you won’t be let in.

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