New Restaurants in Arlington

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“I’m so hungry, where should we eat? , What about TGIF? , Ugh didn’t we just ate there last weekend?” If you’re hungry and looking for somewhere that’s not the same old same old, then you’re looking at  the perfect news story. 

There are a handful of new restaurants in Arlington. We have a delicious Soul Food restaurant called “ Ella B’s”. The environment is very jazzy, black southern feeling. Makes you think you’re at your grandma’s house waiting for her to bring out her special peach cobbler to the table. Speaking of peach cobbler , Ella B’s peach cobbler is out of this world , it’s not the one you buy out of the grocery store freezer aisle it’s better ! Because it’s homemade with fresh ingredients. Not only their desert is homemade with fresh ingredients, their whole menu is. 

“I love their crab cakes they have so much meat in them and less of the breading, which is awesome,” said customer from Ella B’s.

The owner of this establishment is Patrick Whitfield and his wife Patricia Whitfield. A lovely black couple \,  with a five star rating already with only being open for 4 weeks since their ribbon cut.

“What an awesome dining experience! The food was excellent and the service was impeccable. ” said Vincent B. Adams , Ella B’s customer

As I said before walking into Ella B’s makes you feel as you’re at home , because the customer service is so great whether their your waitress , server or not they always check in to see if you’re okay not only that they take the time to  ask about your day etc.

“True South favorites and great flavorful food in large serving with wonderful music in the background! We will visit again! ” said A M Mitchell, Ella B’s customer.

Yes this restaurant is a huge recommend especially if you love some real southern food with great flavor,  the music is out of this world too! So if you ever run to a hard decision when it comes to picking a restaurant, go to Ella B’s .



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