Tennis Ends Season at Regionals

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The tennis team went to the regionals competition on Wednesday, April 17 at Arlington Tennis Center. Three doubles teams consisting of Braden Cooner/Marvin Coopman, Jackson McKay/Slade Austin, and Elise Seidenstein/Robert Keathley went to the competition. Two of the three teams advanced to the quarterfinals.

The success of the team can be credited to head Coach Monroe and the hard-working players.

“It was the first time we had multiple entries past the first round since 2015,” said Monroe. “These kids have worked extremely hard and worked for the right reasons. Saying I’m proud is an understatement.”

The team has had several successful events throughout the season due to their sportsmanship and ‘all-or-nothing’ attitudes.

“One thing I always want to leave out on the court is the negative attitudes and I want to take away the great season we’ve had.” said Varsity teammate, Jackson McKay.

Teammates Braden Cooner and Slade Austin both agree on things that motivate them as a team.

“The better we do, the happier we are and our coaches are and if we are successful, we get to go on trips and have free food!” said Cooner. “We motivate each other because we are all working hard to accomplish a common goal.” said Austin.

Congratulations, Varsity Tennis!

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