Challenging, rewarding girl’s volleyball season comes to an end

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Girls volleyball season comes to an end after facing great adversity. 

The volleyball season began three days after tryouts with the team’s first scrimmage against surrounding district schools. The first game of the season was a home game played against Trinity where the girls lost a close five-set match. 

“There were some tough parts but my girls faced a lot of adversity head on and it made it very worthwhile as a coach to watch my kids kind of mature and grow together,” volleyball coach Woodman said. 

This year, there were 16 girls on varsity, 14 on JV and 10 on freshman. With three sophomores and one freshman on varsity alongside juniors. 

One of the most intense games of the season for the team was the home game against South Grand Prairie, losing 19-17 in the fifth game. 

“Matches like that, it was tough to take the loss, but it was so great to see them fighting,” Woodman said.

The team faced some setbacks but were met with rewarding outcomes that bonded the team even more. 

“It was a little difficult because we had a lot of major setbacks from injuries,” junior Ella Jay said. “But it was really good in the end because we all came together as a team.”

Woodman said she was most proud to watch the team grow and fight together. Junior Lillie Owings agrees and added that the season did not turn out the way the team originally thought.

“It started in a different way than we expected,” Owings said. “We had to face adversity, but we fought through it.” 

For the team, one of the most memorable bonding experiences was their tournament in San Antonio over the summer. 

“They’re all really good friends off the court, so it shows on the court.” 

To celebrate the end of the season, the team will host an end of the year banquet in December to celebrate their accomplishments including the six girls that made the all district team. 

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