The Puffs Production brings laugher to audiences

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Lamar’s Blue Curtain performed a production called “The Puffs” in the auditorium on Oct. 26, 27 and 29. 

I saw the show on the second night, Oct. 27, and it was amazing and very funny. The show was directed by the Blue Curtain director Patrick Holcomb. 

The production takes you on a journey and shows you what the Hufflepuffs’ life was like throughout the seven years of magic school. Each year, something new happens to the Hufflepuffs, but they all work together to get through the battles. 

The show was really enjoyable because it was like a parody of “Harry Potter” and also because I’m a fellow Hufflepuff myself. One thing that was clever about the play was it had a trio [Wayne, Oliver and Megan] similar to the one in the Harry Potter films [Harry, Hermoine and Ron]. My favorite part of the play was when I found out at the end that the narrator of the production [played by Da’Ziah Knox] was actually the daughter of Oliver and Megan [played by Isaiah Robinson and Amanda Nikel]. 

The set of the play was nice and the acting was amazing. The amount of effort Blue Curtain put into this production was incredible. 

I would honestly love to watch the show again. Now I understand why the director said “if you love Harry Potter you’ll love it, and if you hate Harry Potter you’ll still love it.” This production is one of my favorite plays I’ve seen so far in my life. 

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