Construction Closes School Activities for Summer

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The school year is coming to a close and many exciting changes are being made to the building this summer. The building will not be accessible for students or staff from June 10 through August 5 every Monday through Thursday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

“We’ve never done this big of a renovation to Lamar before, so this is a big step.” Assistant Principal Brad Davis said.

The science and history hallways will be transformed with new walls and lights, and the student parking lot will have new cement.

The ceiling and some of the wiring and air conditioning units are being replaced, which will make for better cooling and heating next year.

“It makes it easier to see and adjust things inside the building from a bird’s eye point of view.” Davis said.

Tennis courts seven and eight are also being renovated, as well as the Band Hall, two locker rooms, main office and special education wing.

“It’s really just finishing things we already started like flooring, lights, and walls. The halls will be cleaner and brighter, and heating and A/C will be improved significantly.” Davis said.

The renovations being made this summer will make a big difference and positively impact the learning environment and the overall image of the school.

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