Lamar Wrestler Survives Horrific Motorcycle Accident

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“I was lucky,” Lamar wrestler Jessie Gomez shares after surviving a

horrific motorcycle accident.

For junior Jessie Gomez, it was just an ordinary day of taking his clean xsr700 motorcycle out for a ride when unexpectedly, Gomez was hit by a semi going 80 mph on the highway.  

“Yeah, I’m not going to make it,” Gomez thought as he spun a mile away from the initial scene of the crash. 

In fact, this wasn’t Gomez’s first incident involving motorcycles as he has survived minor crashes in the past, but nothing like this before. 

“I felt like that could’ve been the end right there,” Gomez shares.

While the exact details of what happened have become a blur, the scars left behind tell a thousand tales. 

“I only remember falling, seeing the semi, the lights, and then I blacked out and woke up in the hospital,” Gomez said.

Hospitalized for two weeks from a broken femur, AC joint separation, and with the loss of motion in his fingers, Gomez is unfortunately out for the wrestling season and possibly his senior year as well. 

With the support from friends and family, Gomez found the recovery process to be smoother. 

“My girlfriend was very supportive, she came to visit me every day,” said Gomez. 

Most importantly, Gomez described his dad as his biggest supporter as he was the first person called at the scene after the crash. 

“As long as you live, no more bikes,” Gomez’s father said. 

After two weeks in the hospital and a long recovery process, Gomez’s advice to other riders out there is “to not get hit.” 

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