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Beloved Administrator Prepares for Retirement

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Being an assistant principal has its fair share of ups and downs, especially on a large high school campus. But there is
one AP in particular everyone enjoys.

He is Mr. Bradley Davis.Known for his positive attitude and his great work ethic, Davis is retiring as an assistant principal after being here atLamar for 15 years. Davis began his tenure at Lamar in 2009. He initially wanted to be a lead principal, but all the job offers were for that of an assistant principal. Since he had a stellar background as an AP, he accepted the position.

In total, the charismatic administrator has served 22 years, including seven years as a junior high assistant principal. All good things must come to an end according to Davis. He explains that although he’s sad to leave, he’s excited about
the opportunity to spend more time with his wife who also works in education.

For Lamar students and faculty members, finding out that the beloved administrator is retiring was heartbreaking. While the role of a high school AP can be especially challenging for many, Davis has maintained both poise and positivity throughout it all.

Davis doesn’t fixate on the negative, but instead looks for the good in everyone.“You can’t just assume everyone is bad,“ Davis shares. “You have to give opportunity for the good, because there is way more good that’s going on here than bad. There are way more kids making good decisions than there are making negative decisions.”

Both students and faculty love to visit Davis, whether it’s in the office or in the hallway. As he cleans out his office and
prepares to leave the Lamar campus, Davis reflects on the great conversations he’s had with students. “I think that’s what I’m going to miss the most, being in the cafeteria and having a kid come up to me and just talk to me about anything,” he explains. “These kids are a work of art and I truly will miss all of them – they’re what brings Lamar together and just makes everything fall into place.”

Davis has many things he wants to do during retirement, but most immediately he plans to just rest. The plan is to do more traveling with his wife when she retires and of course to spend more time with their children. He isn’t ruling out a return to education in the future.

While his exact retirement date is still to be determined, Davis is certainly nearing retirement. Two things are for sure –
both his smile and his greetings will greatly be missed. “I’ve made some amazing friendships in my past 15 years working here and I just think all the kids and even the faculty are just amazing in their own way.”

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