Relationships Take a Toll on Young Teens Lives

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Being a young teen in today’s world can be both confusing and emotional. Our brains are not fully developed, which means when we make decisions – they might not always be what’s best for us. 

This is especially troubling when it comes to being in a relationship.

Young Individuals usually get involved with another person because our young brains believe that if we have someone it’s better than being alone. Feeling lonely is a depressing feeling that makes teens want to find someone – anyone to give them attention. This situation can lead to choosing the wrong person.

Sometimes we tend to ignore the red flags just because we are fearful of being alone. Red flags are a sign of an individual who you should be cautious of.

Because so many teenagers experience unhealthy relationships, there are professionals who want to help. Insert Julia Berrones, a Youth Educator at Dallas’ Hope Cottage – a family services center.

“If they have a history of any abuse or cheating, that is a red flag,” Berrones shares. “Also if they isolate their partner from their friends -that is another red flag.”

Many people go searching for attention in all the wrong places, for example: an underage house party where there are factors that impair and influence young people. In today’s youth, we tend to make childish decisions that can forever alter one’s life.

Young teens can be frustrating because choosing to enter a relationship with the wrong person can lead to many issues growing up. For example, if someone of a particular preference breaks your heart, you can have a biased opinion about that particular preference because of the traumatic experience.

Many young individuals believe that their first love is their “true love” because everything seems so amazing that they feel hopeful for their future with this person. It can start as early as middle school but can be most critical when you enter your freshman year of high school because it catapults your emotions of wanting to belong to someone.

“It’s not common for a relationship to last too long when it comes to high school sweethearts,” Berrones said.

In this new environment where it feels like a whole new world which makes believe you can make decisions like choosing who you would like to spend time with and get to know someone on a deeper level.

“The key is to have fun, but also be aware of the warning signs,” Berrones says. “Never let your guard down too soon.”

Depending on who you choose and if the feelings are mutual it can lead to a fulfilling relationship or on the other hand you can end up in an abusive relationship either it be emotional, physical, or both that can leave you scared and overwhelmed.

“Students should reach out for help if they find themselves in an abusive relationship,” Berrones adds. “It can be scary or embarrassing, especially if you have a lot of pride. You may not want people to know you are in an abusive relationship, but reaching out for help would be my best suggestion.”

Young people should remember that no one is entitled to someone of such a young age.

A great way we can help out young individuals is encourage them to seek help or talk to a trusted adult. There are plenty of resources that can be provided to help teens navigate through difficult relationships.

A great resource that is available to Lamar Students is two social workers that work on campus. Their names are Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Jurgens

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