Girls soccer kicks of season training

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Soccer season is here and the girls are getting ready to kick the season with victory. 

This year’s soccer season is new with coaches, practices and formation of plays. Preseason will prepare the girls for district. 

“We had a tough  preseason, a very tough preseason,” varsity girls soccer coach Jana Hammonds said. “And I believe preseason will help prepare the girls for the district games that are coming up soon.”  

Hammonds said there is a lot of leadership from the upperclassmen this year. Their dedication and hard work will help lead the team to victory.

“A lot of go-getters this year,” Hammonds said. “The chemistry is getting there. We’ve had to change our lineup… just trying new things and moving things around. With that, it can kind of knock off the balance a little bit, but I’ll say the chemistry is getting there.” 

Several players have expressed confidence and excitement for the season to come.

“I think this season is going to go well,” varsity soccer player Marissa Mercado said. “I feel confident and excited.” 

During the practices, girls are doing a lot of touches on the ball and practice their passing. Players also learn new formations to use throughout the season. Coach Kayla Nicasio coaches the team’s defense.

“Our defenses are incredibly strong, which is coached by Nicasio,” Hammonds said. “Our offense’s formation this year is going to be a little different, instead of having two up top we’re going to have three up top this year.” 

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