History department offers 2 new course options next year

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Women Studies and Literary Voices will be offered as half-credit courses next year at Lamar. 

The course offers an opportunity to read and explore several literary works by and/or about women. It will provide students with an overview of the influence and role of women in society, past and present while also discussing contemporary issues facing women globally. 

“I would recommend this to everyone because we don’t just analyze women, but we analyze perceptions of women.” U.S. History teacher Zobaria Shah said. “And not just perceptions of women by other women, but perceptions of women by men. One of the 6 weeks we analyze musical lyrics, and not just songs written by women about women, but written by men about women.”

Women studies focuses on the history of women in the U.S. and provides a half credit of social studies. Women literary voices are stories written by or about women and provide a half credit of English. Since each course is only one semester, students get the opportunity to gain extra credits or replace them. 

“So it would be ideal if someone needed to fill in the gaps to take Women Studies if they need a half credit of social studies or English,” Shah said. 

The courses also allow students to study histories that are outside of the regular recommended curriculum.

“I think it gives students the option to not have to take 2 semesters of world history or world geography,” Shah said.  The trajectory of history classes in high school is world geography, or human geography, world history, U.S. history, government and economics. The only one you’re required to take is U.S history because of the STAAR. You’re only required to take a social studies class.” 

Students who are interested in signing up for the course can speak to their counselor about taking it next year.

“I think this class is an amazing opportunity for students to not only interest them, but educate them about the importance of women in society,” junior Hannah Joejim said. 

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