Student Council sponsors Spirit Week to support Vikings

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Lamar Student Council sponsored the first Spirit Week of the year in honor of Homecoming. 

Last week’s spirit days consisted of many themes such as: Twin Tuesday, Anything But A Backpack Day, Throwback Thursday, and Homecoming-Rep Your Class Color Day. Students seemed excited based on their participation. 

“I saw some pretty good participation,” Student Council sponsor Sarah Larrabee said. “More than we’ve seen in the past years and that’s always our goal, to get more kids involved every year.”

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The Student Council came together collaboratively to determine themes for each day. Final decisions were made by narrowing it down to what was highly requested among students. 

“Lots of kids wanted a ’90s day or early 2000s day, or ’70s day so we just did throwback so you could pick whichever one you wanted to do,” Larrabee said. “It was the most requested one.”

“Anything But A Backpack Day” was one of the days of the week that received the most participation. Some students brought a range of items such as dustpans, wagons, the bumper on a car and a grill. 

“Anything but a backpack day seemed to be a really big one that kids participated in,” Larrabee said. “I saw lots of interesting backpacks that were really exciting to see.” 

This isn’t the only thing we can expect in the following weeks from the Student Council. 

“I’m ready for the new spirit days,” senior Student Council president Jamera Mitchell said.

There will be spirit days coming up for every football game, with a list of each spirit week on the StuCo instagram.

“I think it’s a really great way for kids to get involved,” Larrabee said. “Especially kids who aren’t involved in an actual activity so that they still feel connected to the school and feel like they still have some sort of involvement.”

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