Vikings win Homecoming, break streak

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After two years of losing Homecoming games, Lamar finally won this year’s Homecoming against Keller Central on Sept. 19.

The fans  anxiously waited to see who would come out on top, not only for the game, but also who would win Homecoming king and queen. Lamar won the game 27-9. After the game, the  players felt good about winning the  game and also breaking the streak of losing Homecoming games.

“It felt really good because our first home game was also our Homecoming game and we won after everyone had doubted us,” senior cornerback Aaron Fox said. 

The winners of the Homecoming court were  Queen Marissa Ramos and King Darrick Bledsoe. Also crowned were Prince Jaiden Morgan and Princess Grace Deal.

“[Winning] felt great honestly, gave me more motivation to always do better,” Bledsoe said about winning Homecoming King.”

Head coach Billy Skinner said the teammates worked together to win.

“[We] Didn’t really do anything different,” Skinner said. “We are executing at a higher level as a team and as coaches because we have a full year in our systems together.”

With the game being earlier than expected, it really caught people off guard.There was still a good turnout and with a big crowd of people many people got to see the big win and the halftime show.

 I think it was great,” Skinner said.”That was the most packed I’ve seen our stands in a long time. The atmosphere was electric.”

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