Academic Decathlon Competes in Region

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This Febuary 8th and 9th weekend, Academic Decathlon competed in their region competition, and while they didn’t advance to state, they brought home a plethora of awards.

Academic Decathlon is considered to be one of the most difficult classes available to students for its rigorous study material and varying topics each and every year. While many students are involved in its classes, only the most dedicated and hardworking make it onto the actual Academic Decathlon team.

“During the first semester we read packets on different subjects about the same topic. Before Thanksgiving there are district tests,” Said Senior Kathie MacPhearson. “The team is made up of three honor students, three scholastic, and three varsities. If you have one of the three highest in your rank than you make the team.”  

This year’s topic, “In Sickness and in Health: An Exploration of Illness and Wellness,” focused on science, literature, art, music, social science, economics, and mathematics revolving around the main subject. As a result, one must be willing to put their all into Academic Decathlon.

“The topic, this year was cancer, and I think they could’ve done a topic a lot more unique but it’s still very interesting to read about,” Said Senior Kayla Hernandez. 

In order to properly prepare for competition, the team gathered even outside of school hours for study sessions lasting for late hours into the night in order to prepare. In spite of how daunting this may initially seem to some students, the practice helps in a myriad of ways and led to the team’s success.

“The team training can get a bit vigorous, but a lot of it is about individual study and accountability. This year, the team has been getting together at study sessions to study subjects that the group may not understand as a whole. Honestly, as long as one has a good work ethic and works slowly throughout the school year, it’s not overwhelming at all.”  Said Senior Joseph Khair. 

From the late night studying sessions to the time spent together in class, the Academic Decathlon team has forged incredibly steadfast and strong bonds, bringing together the more experienced members to the new arrivals with the school year.

“I would definitely say the AcDec team is close. Even though the team from last year has a lot of different people this year, I’d say we’re all just as close,”  Said Khair. “A lot of this is due to the amount of time I get to spend with people, if I know them or not. For instance, last year when we went to competition, I didn’t really know anyone on the team, but after we spent so much time together, I ended up gaining lifelong friendships and some wonderful memories.”

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