Dancing Provides Artistic Outlet for Students

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Dance, a class offered at Lamar is an unique practice designed to give students an outlet to express themselves in an artistic, physical way and interact with other like-minded students.

Dance remains an expressive way to show your emotions through an art form with symbolic value which takes many hours, days ,weeks and years of hard work and dedication to the art which takes time to master dancers spend most of their life if not all from the beginning at the ages of 6 or younger with the passion and fire to want to pursue a career in dance or get a chance to work in that field.

“Well I always knew I wanted to teach dance from a young age I was a teacher assistant with children ballet at 14 years old,” Dance and drill team director¬† Lori woods Said, “I’ve preformed in many broadway show and on tour and corporal events.”

Dance originated in India around 6000 B.C Dance inspires many people no matter the race ,religion and gender it is a form of comfort for many people and express how they feel without any form of judgement being given from other dancers and the audience its a safe environment for people to be free and express their creativity.

“I was on drill team in high school drill team helped me I became drill team directer when Mrs.Woods hired me when i was leaving to Disney.” Dance and drill team Instructor Madison Perrett said, “My favorite thing in dace is when you work on something so hard and it comes together perfectly.”

Throughout the world, dance has become a gift that brings people together with creativity and music. It’s very joyous and brings unity and happiness which also helps overcome fear and social anxiety it also forms friendships between the dancers and unbreakable bonds with the teachers and others.

“What brought me to dance is expressing art and music” Freshman Zana Paschall said,”I do want to continue dance in the future and still take dance classes.”

Dance is a very expressive and fun way to overcome fears without any judgement and builds unbreakable between dancers and teachers if you ever want to be in an environment that is free of any judging and helps with your shyness and make friendships that will be forever than you should join dance to express your creativity and imagination.

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