Choir wraps up vocals

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Looks like the vocals and rhythm came to an end as the Lamar choir wraps their season this year. The choir students got to perform their hearts and voices out, but everything must come to an end.

The choir got to perform many songs this year, a couple of songs were “Dancing Queen” and “Dream on.” The choir even got to perform at The Arlington ISD Center for Visual and Performing Arts and Athletics Complex. There are three categories in choir… cappella, concert choir and show choir.

“The choir season went better than I expected, even with the Corona and everything happening,” senior Gregory Hopkins said. “We really came together this year and made a beautiful sound.”

The Lamar choir directors are Greg Haugen and Cassandra Kirby. They’ve been the choir directors at Lamar for years and enjoyed watching the students perform songs beautifully this year.

“I thought our choir season went good,”  junior Isaiah Robertson said. “I think we could’ve had better concerts and rehearsals but other than that, it was good.”

The Lamar Choir encourages anyone who is interested in joining choir to join. The choir participates in UIL competitions, holidays performances, and other activities throughout the year. The Lamar choir students advise anyone interested in joining to have fun and enjoy every moment.

“Totally do it. It’s a really good experience if you love singing and are wanting to continue to sing in school,” senior Adi Astorga said. “We do a lot of fun stuff, so I definitely recommend people who are interested to join.”

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